Energy Ink Graphic Design Services is a company serving the needs of clients of Sharpe Family Publishing and our two publications, Energy Ink Magazine and Montana Fitness Magazine. From this work, several companies have requested additional services including logo design and branding, newsletters and exposition programs, researched graphics and infographics, basic yet dynamic website design, and advertising design for other publications.

Because this client base developed from our publication work, we have discovered that we can offer traditional graphic design services at a fraction of the cost of typical design studios. As this segment of our business grows, we are beginning to field requests from businesses outside the scope of our magazine work.

Energy Ink Graphic Design Services is also a partner with Diamond B Technology Solutions which offers salesfloorLIVE, one of the most dynamic forward thinking e-commerce platforms in the business which was utilized to power the Vanity clothing stores website; and Parsec Data Management – a Tier 3 data center offering companies the safest and most secure choice for mission critical storage and solutions in the region. Adding an Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environment, an ideal low risk location, and a major fiber optic route right in our backyard, PDM delivers some of the fastest connectivity in the nation with unmatched expertise. Contact Us for more information and the best prices on these services.

As we serve as the in-house design service for Sharpe Family Publishing, current outsourced work is by invitation only though inquiries are welcome.  If you are interested in our low-cost professional services, please contact us regarding design time availability.